Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

What a tragedy, a laspotech student commits suicide in her home. According to the viral reports and tributes by her friend on social media, it was gathered that the said girl is a Business Administration student of LASPOTECH.  Damilola Adegoke which is her name was said to have been found by her mom who came home to find her daughter on the floor with sniper which is an insecticide. Though the reason for this action by Damilola Adegoke on Tuesday is still unknown. It was said that she took her life after posting a picture of herself online with this caption:

“neva mind what others say, do better yourself, beat your own records every day and aim for a better tomorrow….. happy new week peeps…..”

One of her friends wrote:

 “No matter the circumstances, worries, troubles, disaster never look down on yourself and always pray hard. It’s a pity this tight friend of mine Damilola Adegoke took sniper yesterday and gave up the ghost after uploading her pics on fb. May her soul rest in peace”.

Another who goes by the name Damilola Ayanwale also said:

 “No amount of problem worth taking your own life, she was hardworking and highly dedicated but only her knows her personal pains and challenges, maybe she shared and you and I couldn’t help her out …….. in fact nothing justify eating a poison, well farewell Damilola Adegoke we will remember you forever”.

What!!! Laspotech Student Commits Suicide

What!!! Laspotech Student Commits SuicideWhat!!! Laspotech Student Commits Suicide

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