Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
Trump Brags About Home Alone 2 Movie Appearance As He Quits US Actors' Union

The former US president says he is “very proud” of his acting work in movies including

Home Alone 2, Zoolander and Wall Street. He resigned from an American actors’ union,

boasting about his work on films including Home Alone 2 and Zoolander,

and telling the organisation: “You have done nothing for me.”

He   avoid the risk of being pushed, as the Hollywood-based union was

considering expelling him over his role in the attack on the US Capitol.

In his letter to the union’s president Gabrielle Carteris, he addressed the

issue of his possible expulsion, saying: “Who cares!”

He also claimed credit for “greatly helping the cable news business” during his time in office.

Donald Trump earned his union membership from brief cameo appearances in

films such as Home Alone 2 and Zoolander (in which his ex-model wife Melania

also appeared) and TV programmes such as Sex And The City in the early 1990s.

His most recent roles were as host and producer of reality series The Apprentice

and its spinoff Celebrity Apprentice.

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