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OAB Celebrity Of The Month

OAB Celebrity Of The Month

Nigerian Music Star, Banky W, who recently contested in the 2019 elections for Federal House of Representatives, representing Eti-Osa constituency under the platform of Modern Democratic Party (MDP) is our OAB celebrity of the Month for February 2019.

Against all odds, E.M.E boss turned politician has demonstrated will-power, determination and resilience in the last election, without succumbing to any political corrupt power and influence, ran under a new party and had his own fair of what it takes to truly represent his people. He not only talk about the problems facing Nigeria but decided to do something about it.

OAB Celebrity Of The Month

It’s simple, I think that as a generation we’ve done a lot of talking and a lot of complaining and a lot of tweeting. But that’s kind of where we’ve stopped. We’ve stopped at the point of talking and not enough of us are getting to do something about it. It’s not enough to talk about the problem we actually have to get into the system to fix it,” Banky W said in one of his interviews.

In his keynote speech at MDP’s convention, Wellington said: “We want to fix Nigeria, but we must begin by rebuilding our communities. Everybody seems so obsessed with the Presidential race – it’s one of the most frequent suggestions I get – “Banky W, run for President”. But see, like I said earlier, I do believe in dreaming big, but I believe in starting small, and working your way up.”

OAB Celebrity Of The Month

According to him, battles are lost when one stops fighting and he wants to be able to look at his kids and say he tried.

His words: “It’s a lot harder to try, and a lot easier to criticize. It is a lot easier to talk about it, than to do something about it. We only fail when we stop trying, and battles are only lost when you stop fighting. So, don’t just tweet and talk, walk the walk.

I am running for my unborn children, because when our generation is old and grey, and we hand the country over to them, and they asked what we did about the state of affairs, whether Nigeria ends up being great, or forever a shadow of what could have been, I want to be able to look my kids in the face and say you know what? I tried’’

Olubankole Wellington (born 27 March 1981),popularly known by his stage name Banky W and credited in film as Banky Wellington, a Nigerian singer, rapper, actor , husband and politician is indeed our OAB Celebrity of the Month, a great young Nigerian worthy of emulation and a model for the future of Nigeria.


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