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OAB Celebrity Of The Month

OAB Celebrity Of The Month

Our OAB (Omotunde Alata Blog) celebrity for the month of September 2017 is an amazing great woman with a large heart moved with compassion to stretch a helping hand to the poor and the needy.  She is a giver, achiever and the founder of Cheerful Givers Incorporated {CGI}, through this group she has touched so many lives and families in Nigeria. Her impact in our society so great and positive, she is none other than our amiable and beautiful (also at heart) Mrs. Saidat Oluwatuyi {nee Lateef} aka Orente.

OAB Celebrity Of The Month

Like you know that OAB celebrity showcases talented and inspirational people who are prepared to take the world by storm. It is a platform that empowers and inspires people by featuring great personalities who are doing so well in their chosen field and immensely impacting our society. This is our own way of contributing positively to our society.

May we have the honor to meet our September 2017 OAB celebrity?

OAB Celebrity Of The Month

My names are Saidat Oluwatuyi (nee Lateef) aka Orente the cheerful giver and I am the founder of Cheerful Givers Incorporated (CGI). I went to primary, secondary and higher institution in Nigeria, I also attended Community College and University (USA). I am married with kids.

Cheerful Givers Incorporated (CGI) was created on Facebook as Be A Cheerful Giver (BACG) on June 6, 2016. CGI was adopted after our registration in USA.

What Inspired CGI

My inspirations behind the creation of CGI have to do with my passionate love for humanity. I strongly believe in the sayings that one man’s trash is another’s treasure and I believe so much in empowerment cos when you teach someone how to fish rather than continue giving the person fish, it paves way for circulation of wealth and happiness.

Like I said before one man’s trash is another’s treasure, going through my wardrobe I see a lot of clothes and shoes that I wore once or twice and a lot of new ones yet to be worn. I go to my friends’ house I see a lot of things that they call trash and I envisaged that it will be useful to someone back home. So I packed everything put them up in a box and send them to Nigeria so it can be put to further use.

I do it then outside Facebook by sending to my family, but since I started collecting from friends, so that I can reach out to more people,  i created a Facebook group which I named Be A Cheerful Giver (BACG), it was changed to Cheerful Givers Incorporated (CGI) after the registration in the USA

OAB Celebrity Of The Month


The major challenge we are facing is funding. There is a saying which says a tree cannot make a forest, I can’t do it alone we are in need of donations from different well to do people because we believe there is great joy in giving.

OAB Celebrity Of The Month

Greatest Achievement

Our greater achievements were, been able to put smile on people’s faces through our various empowerment programs in different zones where we have coordinators and visitations to different orphanages and hospitals.

OAB Celebrity Of The MonthOAB Celebrity Of The MonthOAB Celebrity Of The MonthOAB Celebrity Of The Month


In the next 5 years and future, I wish to have touched as many lives as possible with little seeds of every member, also to be the largest network of everyday people involved in charitable activities all over the world, to be the noblest group of people united to help those in needs.

To Support Us

Anyone willing to support our cause can donate through the following accounts.
PAYPAL….. PayPal.me/cheerfulgiversinc http://www.paypal.me/cheerful givers in
Donate in Nigeria through
Account Name:      Saidat Oluwatuyi
Account Number:  0037928698
Bank Name:          Access Bank PLC

Donate in USA through
Account Name:        Cheerful givers incorporated
Account Number:    446039214078
Bank Name:               Bank of America
Also any of our admins can also be contacted for possible material donations


Cheerful givers incorporated can be located on Facebook through this link..


What Get Us Going

There are many stories that touched my heart about the works of CGI, is it been able to put food on the tables of many families through our different empowerment programs or visitations to the orphanage homes and hospitals. But the one I will always remember is our visitation to the pediatric ward of cancer patients in LUTH located in mushin, the pains the children are going through is nothing to write home about. There parent’s inability to afford their treatments and discharge, we hope to still reach out to them more often.

Coordination Of CGI

Though I live outside the shores of Nigeria, and we are located on Facebook I have six(6) co-admins and up to 10 coordinators who have been assigned to different zones and States. We have our meetings online and to the glory of God, we are doing great.
Its been God all the way and true dedication. I schedule my time between everything I want to do and to the glory of God, no one affects each other.

OAB Celebrity Of The Month
CGI Coordinator

How Do You Strike A Balance Between CGI And Family

It’s been God all the way and true dedication. I schedule my time between everything I want to do and to the glory of God, no one affects each other.

I’m married to Mr. Olakanmi Oluwatuyi and my husband has been very supportive

OAB Celebrity Of The Month
Founder with her lovely husband

My Advice

My advice to anyone that is willing to do this is to be open-minded and believe that the reward of giving to humanity is happiness and fulfillment.

How To Make The World A Better Place

To make the world a better place the best ingredient is LOVE. When you love you feel free to let go and make others happy.



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