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OAB Celebrity Of The Month

OAB Celebrity Of The Month

Our OAB (Omotunde Alata Blog) celebrity for the month of May 2017 is a great woman with a large heart moved with compassion to help orphans and widows.  She is a blessing to our generation, a giver, and an achiever who has impacted our society so greatly and positively, she is none other than our amiable and beautiful (also at heart) Mrs. Olubukola Idowu, the Lagos Coordinator of Adonai Orphanage Homes and Widows Centre.

Like you know that OAB celebrity showcases talented and inspirational people who are prepared to take the world by storm. It is a platform that empowers and inspires people by featuring great personalities who are doing so well in their chosen field and immensely impacting our society. This is our own way of contributing positively to our society.

May we have the honor to meet our OAB celebrity for May 2017?

‘’My name is Mrs. Olubukola Adisa, I am the Lagos coordinator of Adonai Orphanage home. This Lagos orphanage home started 1st August 2015. I’m married to Mr. Tunde Adisa, I have 2 kids, Valerie and Oba Adisa, I am a graduate of the University of Abuja. I love God, kids, and charity, I am not perfect but God has been helping me’’.

OAB Celebrity Of The Month

Adonai orphanage was founded in Kaduna on the 12th April 2000.

The founder is my mother…Her full name is Mrs. Elizabeth Afuwape, a woman of God with so much zeal and passion.

OAB Celebrity Of The Month
Mrs. Elizabeth Afuwape

The story behind the birth of Adonai

 Hmmmm, long time ago my mum was at the hospital to give birth to me and suddenly after my birth she passed away, the whole family was in serious confusion over where I was to be taken to as a baby and arrangement on how my mother will be taking to the mortuary. Three days later, while every arrangement was going on, the hospital was set in disarray, my mother came back to life, even it was confirmed by the doctor. The man contacted to make the coffin was called to stop, that was the funny part. Each time we passed, my mum would show me the coffin man’s shop, she would say ‘Look at the man that was to make my coffin’. But God did the impossible; she got the instruction from God to start the orphanage while she was dead for three days. It Sounded strange cos as at that time she had 7 children she was struggling to carter for. It took her over 16years to finally kick start the home, so I was shuttling between my university in Abuja to Kaduna just to assist my mum as we were practically living at the orphanage home, and then from one kid to many. I got married at the orphanage home, I was practically stuck to them like my own blood, one of the orphans, a day old still calls me mummy till date and he is 15yrs now.

OAB Celebrity Of The Month
Adonai kids with well-wishers


We have lots of challenges but our passion for this work has helped us through some of it. Our major challenge has been education which is our major goal, to bring them off the street, educate them and give them a future, so we wanted the best schools for them but fees can be sometimes challenging, we have some individuals helping out very well and I salute their courage and appreciate them greatly, also the schools also gave us some concessions. Accommodation is another challenge, government policy does not allow the kids to be accommodated in a residential place because of security concerns, but arrangements are ongoing to take care of that. Medical and transportations are other challenges but I solely believe in God.

OAB Celebrity Of The Month
Adonai Kids ready for school

Inspiring and a Touching Incident

One day a day old baby was found around the orphanage wrapped in a cement powder in a cement bag, we picked up the baby who was almost dead and rushed her to the hospital, the skin all eaten up but she was restored, with her skin still looking horrible we did all we can thru God, she is now 3year looking all clean and sharp, other kids have different stories too.

Striking a balance between the orphanage and home

It has been really challenging combining my home with the orphanage especially when I’m still nursing my kids but my husband has been really helpful and supportive.

OAB Celebrity Of The Month
Coordinator with her beautiful family


5years from now I see Adonai, having more number of kids to cater for and educate, I also see us bringing the children talents and dream into reality, having our own place where rent will be completely out of it. I see the kids becoming useful to the community at large.

Come support Us

People can come over to the home to support us, it’s a societal work we really need more hands,

Adonai orphanage is located at number 27 Olayiwola Street, New Oko-oba, Abule-Egba, Lagos.

Adonai Orphanage email address:



Adonai Orphanage Telephones:

09032254371, 0803 391 7040

@OmotundeAlata, we are proud of Adonai Orphanage Homes and Widows Centre and we urge everyone to support and donate to the home.


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