Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
Nanny Of Tonto Dikek’s Son Reveals: "I Never Saw Churchill Fight With Tonto Dikeh Or Beat Her

Mgbechi Enyinmaya was the woman that has been working as a nanny for Tonke Dikeh not until she was recently sacked. However, she made shocking revelations in an interview with New Telegraph.She alleged Tonto Dikeh that all her story is not true. She even said that her estranged husband is not a woman beater.

 She said;

“I never saw two of them fight, talk of Churchill to beat her. For my own eyes as old woman, I never see one day Churchill carry hand. When they argue too much, she herself (Tonto) will raise her hand on Churchill. I never him beat her, he did not. She herself was even beating Churchill and pushed his mother down.”


When asked if she was willing to go back to work for Tonto, who allegedly threw her things out after the hospital bill scandal the nanny replied;


“No. God will keep King (Tonto and Churchill’s son), give her the grace to take care of King.

The nanny also alleged that Tonto tried to force her to lie that Churchill used to beat her, but she refused.

“Tonto dey vex because she tell me say make I go lie against her husband, make I go tell the world or record my voice say ‘your husband dey beat you’, although she know say I never see say her husband beat her. Make I talk, even if say I now

 do any other thing for am, make I do that one. I no gree. Is that why she dey vex for me? Ahh. Na was oh. Make she just change.”


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