Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

Teebillz has maintained that his marriage to the singer, the marriageTiwa Savage remains solid despite the challenges they have passed through in the past the marriage of the couple went through a rough patch following Tiwa’s emotional interview in 2016, where she confirmed that her hubby cheated on her with another woman.

The music executive who spoke in a chat with Linda Ikeji TV revealed that he is currently working on being a better person, while also dismissing rumours of divorce concerning them.

“Everything that is mine, everything that God has ordained to be mine surely will be mine.

“Be it money, business, relationship, friendship, whatever it is, and with a positive mind, everything will come back to you.

“All I’m doing is working on myself, being a better person and with a positive mind, everything you desire will come to you.

“Was my marriage dissolved before? Did you see me sign divorce papers? Is social media part of my family and they claim to know what’s going on in my family. Is it not the same social media that said I went to Rehab in the states? I did not leave this country.

“I fought my journey in this country. Did you hear that she (Tiwa Savage) is married to someone else? Did you hear that she’s dating someone else? Have you seen her date anyone else? Have you seen me date anyone else? Read through the lines and let us stay positive.”

The duo had been spotted in public together as a couple, a thought that would have seemed unrealistic at the dawn of the marriage which saw them engage in a bunch of counter accusations.

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