Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

Moji Olaiya’s daughter has insisted that her mother be buried in Nigeria. The late actress is said to have converted to Islam from Christianity as an adult and was said to be practicing as at the time of her death.

Moji Olaiya’s Daughter Insist On Burial In Nigeria

Some members of the family are insisting that her remains be interred on the day of her death but her 20-yar old daughter is insisting that her corpse be brought back to Nigeria for burial.

According to report, the late actress’ daughter was ushered into a secluded room and members of the family tried to calm hr down but she kept asking to see her mother.

‘she must be brought back’  Adun said. ‘ I don’t care what anybody says ,I just want my mother’s body’.

According to reports by NET, moji olaiya’s health became worse after the birth of her second child.

However , THE PLAYGROUND reports that the burial arrangement of the late actress is causing rifts within the family. Friends and colleagues of the late actress have however flooded her house to pay condolence visit to her family and many have also taken to their social media to also write heartfelt messages to the late actress.

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