Mon. Dec 5th, 2022
Mercy Aigbe’s Estranged Husband Advocates For Prisoners After Bail

Mercy Aigbe’s estranged husband has decided to advocate for prisoners after meeting bail conditions. Asiwaju Lanre Gentry, an hotelier, took to his Instagram page to narrate his ordeal at the kirikiri prison saying that the place has become a dumping ground instead of a rehabilitation center. He has asked the government to face more pressing matters rather than involve in cases of  DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. He went further to narrate that prisoners are being abandoned and no proper arrangement is being made for them as the place is not conducive enough for them. The prison is meant for just 1500 prisoners but instead, it harbors over 3600 prisoners.

Asiwaju Lanre Gentry has decided to plead with the world to fight with him so that the government should put the necessary things in place at the prison as prisoners die every day and the taxes collected should be used well there as well because these prisoners are Nigerian Citizens as well.

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