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Incredible As Soldier, 20, Undergoes Brain Surgery While He Is AWAKE

Incredible As Soldier, 20, Undergoes Brain Surgery While He Is AWAKE

A soldier at 20, Cameron, from Lancashire, was initially diagnosed with meningitis but then he was given a devastating bombshell diagnosis he was battling a brain tumour , only hope at a normal life, and even survival, is ground breaking surgery at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital.


However, a qualified army medic had the prospect of a bright career in his dream job ahead of him.

Not only will one of the hospital’s top consultants, Ismail Ughratdar, have to operate on his brain, Cameron will be awake for a huge part of the operation.

He will have to talk during his operation to ensure the removal of part of the tumour

Is not causing problems.


One mistake could be the difference between a successful surgery and a catastrophic failure that will leave the young solider unable to talk or paralysed down his right-hand side.

His story is told as part of BBC Two’s Surgeons: At The Edge of Life, tonight at 9pm.

Cameron’s surgeon, Ismail, said: “Every day I go and pray. I have a spiritual check for looking after my patients.

“It reminds me that I’m human and I’m not infalliable and I’m accountable not just to regulatory bodies and my colleagues but also humans and a higher being.

“Failure is absolutely possible and that’s what drives me, that I don’t fail my patients and do everything I can to reduce the risk.”