Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
I’m Now A Social Commentator – Gordons

Gordons has revealed that he has grown from a comedian to a social commentator. The ace comedian said that if he must be somebody then he has to be different from every other person knowing that what he wants to do might not be pleasing to everyone.

Gordons who has made his mark in the entertainment industry with his musical abilities and versatility endearing him to many has has also offered some useful advice to younger comedians. He said to be a comedian, you have to be fearless because they cant massage everyone’s ego and that a comedian that wants to bootlick everyone cannot go further because people aren’t looking for bootlickers but for someone who will say it to their face.

“I believe that if I must be somebody, I have to be different from every other person. I also know that what I want to do might not be pleasant to everybody, but that’s my line. Ive grown from being a comedian, I’m now a social commentator.’

“Every comedian must be fearless because you cant massage everyone’s ego. A comedian that wants to bootlick can never fly because people are not looking for bootlickers, they are looking for people who are going to say it to their face. I don’t care, I say it the way it is. If you don’t want to go out of the game, you have ton learn how to work with what is going on. Chris Rock does that, Kevin Hart does that, Trevor Noah also beacuase that is what is expected of us.”

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