Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
“I Ignored Beyonce’s Email For 2 Months Unintentionally” – Yemi Alade

Nigerian elegant Afro-Pop star ,Yemi Alade disclosed how she ignored mails sent

from popular American singer Beyonce thinking it was a scam.

“I Ignored Beyonce’s Email For 2 Months Unintentionally” – Yemi Alade

She revealed this while during an exclusive interview with one of the blogs in Nigeria.
Yemi lamented on how she almost lost out from the collaboration.

She said, “we thought it was a scam email… I wasn’t the one receiving the emails, my management was and the thing is that, you have to be a crazy beyond fan like me to know her company’s name is “Parkwood”, So you’re getting emails from “Parkwood” about a collaboration with Beyoncé?!… My manager was telling me that he keeps getting these messages from Parkwood. He sounded very irritated and he was thinking of maybe blocking the email… and I asked him what did you say? Did you say “Parkwood?” I said (screams) that is Beyoncé!!!!…”

Speaking on how long it took for them to actually respond to the email, Yemi Alade said “it took a while.. we were at the end of the collection like..they’ve been working on this for a while, maybe a month or two, I think even someone at some point came to Nigeria and they were trying to meet me but you know how some people are, they don’t want some people to meet some people.”

She said she had to travelled down to seal up the deal.


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