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Bollywood Star Divya Dutta Says She Faced Bodyshaming

Bollywood Star Divya Dutta Says She Faced Bodyshaming

Actors are often criticized for not having the ‘perfect’ body. And it’s not just Hollywood – Bollywood is guilty of body shaming their stars too, and veteran actress Divya Dutta is no stranger to it. The 40-year-old actress recently released a film called Fanney Khan, inspired by the 2000 Dutch film Everybody’s Famous and in it she tackled the topic of body shaming.
Bollywood Star  Divya Dutta Says She Faced Bodyshaming

Speaking about the industry’s damaging practice, she told ZoonTV that it happened to her ‘all the time’. ‘I was anything but your stereotypical heroine so I faced body shaming big time,’ she revealed. ‘I was called this petite chotu [a form of endearment similar to ‘cute’] bundle and then I was called busty and then all that. But then that’s all gone with time.’


It took me time to just take it away. But, I guess, body-shaming is a lot of pressure from society that comes because certain expectations come with glamour,’ she added. ‘For all the youngsters as well…you are supposed to look a certain way, be a certain way and if you are not then you are criticized and made fun of which can be really bad for your psyche. ‘But all you need to do I guess is just block those people who do that. Love yourself for who you are and have your family and friends around you [that] make you feel good for who you are.’ She said.


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