Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

The Nigerian actress, Liz Anjorin seems to be very angry right now, after what she termed as a friend attempting to destroy her career. In a post on Instagram, the actress said the person in questioned played the lead role in her movie and was supposed to attend the premiere but she was shocked after he decided to fix his own event on that day.

She angrily  wrote;

Imagine using someone you called a brother ‎to play lead role in your movie and you  choose for the Movie Premiere then this same person choose the same date for his event too, yet still call the same sets of people that suppose to Anchor your event…

My people is it right??? If you are the one what will you do???? As for me I will consult Baba Loke ,spirit of my late parent and my useful old pple in my village… lobata ..if you want to destroy my career, I will eat you raw.. ☻. When you die dey go dey gather money up and down, but when you are alive, dem go dey back bite, betray and looking for your downfall.. I no dey cross people lane so don’t cross my lane.. I only respect God, good people, my family and my fans… Thank God you all know that Egun ni mi, mi o ki se eniyan..

I will unleash his name soon awon oloriburuku brother…epe inu awe lema gba ..imagine !!! Dey will call you advising you up and down not knowing they ve hiding agenda #youblockmylanei you

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