A Picture Is Telling You Something – OAB

A Picture Is Telling You Something - OAB

A picture says a lot than words. Have you ever wondered why there are artists, pictures, and images?

According to a webster definition, ‘’it is a description so vivid or graphic as to suggest a mental image or give an accurate idea of something’’.

So whenever you see a picture, something must cross through your mind. Some call pictures ‘’a mental image’’. I say a picture is communication because it tells you something when you see one.

It’s also a language through which messages are encoded and decoded with feedback. Words are always embedded in pictures, more reasons why famous artist like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, e.t.c are known for their works of art.

No wonder an English adage says “A picture is worth a thousand words”. So next time you come across any picture or image, look deep because you might never know whether the artist is telling you something.

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