Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

A fan has told Bovi that a phone call is never enough, make time for friends. Some weeks back, the ace comedian in an interview with pulse NG shared that he was looking for his friend Ricky, an old friend who they grew up together and participated in activities together. This kicked started a social media search tagged #findRicky as other comedians, fans and social media influencer took part in the search for his lost old friend. A fan then took it further by including the No 1 whiskey brand, Mc Dowell’s to support the search and foster true friendship.

This social media frenzy came to a halt when an unknown person shared the contact of this same Ricky with Bovi and then Bovi shared a short clip on his social page as he reconnected back with his old pal, Ricky.

Fans and supporters of the #FindRicky search posted comments on the short clip saying how inspiring the journey to find Ricky had been to them and highlighting the power of social media.

We thought the frenzy had ended, until a certain Mr.Dowell’s, posted a comment that says “a Phone call is not enough, make time for friends”, challenging Bovi to take that extra step to reconnect with his long lost friend, as true friendship is built on creating more memories, and catching up on old times.

We just hope that the ace comedian takes to the advice of Mr. Dowell’s

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