6 Men Choke Woman To Death With Pillow In UAE

6 Men Choke Woman To Death With Pillow In UAE

A gang of six men are accused of suffocating a young woman to death with a pillow in Abu Dhabi.

The Asian nationals had schemed, along with the help of another female compatriot, to steal money and jewelry from the victim who worked as a prostitute.

Over a period, they watched the victim and noted the time during which she had customers – and the times she was alone.

On the fateful day, they snuck into her home, broke into her safe, and stole all her valuables and money.

When they tried to leave the home, one of them slammed into a table, knocking over some items.

The resulting crash woke the victim from her slumber. She realized she wasn’t alone in the house and immediately began screaming for help from her neighbors.

Immediately, the gang went to her and muffled her screams with a pillow over her head, suffocating her to death.

The court adjourned the next hearing to December 13.



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