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10 Tips to guide you when your Car develops these fault Symptoms!(Part II )

This is the concluding part of this very important 10 tips to guide you when your car develops these fault symptoms,   enjoy it :…-symptomspart-ii/

  • Symptom 6

Car tilting. When you notice that your car being stationed is tilted to one side or when driving, your wheel suddenly starts tilting or resting to a particular side.

Fault 6

Then it’s possible you have a flat Tyre.

Remedy 6

Try finding a safe side to park and make sure you are not causing an obstruction to other road users, and then change your Tyre with the spare.…-symptomspart-ii/

  • Symptom 7

You switch on your headlamp and noticed one side seems brighter than the other, or you experience a total black-out.

Fault 7

Then one or the two headlights had gone down.

Remedy 7

If this happen at night time, please put on your hazard lights until you get to a safe place.…-symptomspart-ii/

  • Symptom 8

Your car won’t start. This usually happens when want to start your car engine.

Fault 8

You possibly have a dead battery.

Remedy 8

If you have a charger or tester in your car, check if battery is actually the problem, if not it may be the starter or the alternator. Check for any corrosion around the battery terminals (it’s a whitish substance). Clean it off but first unbolt the negative terminal and the positive, if all these did not work, you may need another battery to start your car.…-symptomspart-ii/

  • Symptom 9

There is a hard start or some rough idles.

Fault 9

This is usually as a result of spark plugs misfiring. This will make the engine not to run or start properly.

Remedy 9

Except the engine is extremely far back to an extent that you cannot reach the plugs without damaging the engine or causing an injury to you, then pop off the plug covers, unscrew them and fix some new clean ones.…-symptomspart-ii/

  • Symptom 10

You noticed your blind spot becomes a lot bigger.

Fault 10

This show your side view mirror or mirrors are barely hanging or broken.

Remedy 10

Replace the broken mirror or tightened the nuts on the hanging ones. Also always collapse your side mirrors whenever you park to avoid them being damaged.