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10 Tips to guide you when your Car develops these fault Symptoms!(Part I )

car develops any of these fault symptoms

These tips will guide you in case your car develops any of these fault symptoms that will be discussed in this episode, sometimes it can be very frustrating when a car develops a fault and you are like ”clueless” or’’ honey my car just stopped”.

Car is a very important tool that man makes use of daily. Some people in our society cannot even do without this mobile machine, in some other cases it has been so much in fuse into their daily activities that cars have become inseparable from man. This is why this topic is very essential and could be a life saver in some cases and could help give an idea on what could be wrong with the car before some unqualified mechanics (especially the road side ones) incur more cost in the course of repair.

Here are the symptoms or you could call it a sign:…t-symptomspart-i/…t-symptomspart-i/…t-symptomspart-i/

  • Symptom 1

You notice your engine oil gauge is below minimum.

Fault 1

There is oil shortage and there’s need for oil change.

Remedy 1

At every 3000 – 5000 miles based on the age of your car, there is need to change your engine is also important to know the type of oil and oil filter that is perfect for your car, how many liters it can take and where the oil filter is located, if not use the help of a qualified mechanic to replace the oil and its filter.…t-symptomspart-i/…t-symptomspart-i/

  • Symptom 2

When your car sounded like an intensely annoying squeak every two seconds.

Fault 2

Then there are cracks in the belts.

Remedy 2

Bad belts are usually easy to spot, when you see the wear starting to fray and crack. Replace the belts.…t-symptomspart-i/…t-symptomspart-i/

  • Symptom 3

You starts your car and it won’t turn over and all the inside gadget don’t even light up.

Fault 3

Your alternator is faulty. (A dead alternator).

Remedy 3

If you repair it, there is every likelihood that you are going to have same problem later, so it’s better and more reasonable to replace it.…t-symptomspart-i/…t-symptomspart-i/

  • Symptom 4

You discover that your coolant or water in the radiator is not visible after taking off the cap, or you realize the temperature meter on your dashboard has risen to the maximum.

Fault 4

Your radiator is most likely to be leaking and this may cause your car to overheat.

Remedy 4

You carry out a thorough check on the radiator. You can repair by patching it up with welding or sealant, but this is a temporary measure until it is replaced completely.…t-symptomspart-i/…t-symptomspart-i/

  • Symptom 5

You noticed an unbearable squeaking and squealing.

Fault 5

Then your brake pads are bad. You also discover that bulge on the pads have flattened and almost leveled with the entire brake pad such that they are heavily worn down. The pads may also have damaged the rotor and you feel deep grooves or uneven and distorted surfaces.

Remedy 5

Replace the pads and the rotors if they are damaged too.