Winner Of The “Picture That Speaks! Guess Right And Win” Contest

Winner Of The "Picture That Speaks! Guess Right And Win" Contest

The “Picture That Speaks” is a pictorial expression by an artist who is simply passing out a message of Abuse and domestic violence. The first 2 pictures above shows adults who have been abused by their partners while the other 2 pictures below shows a female and a male minor who were also abused by their guardians.

Everyone that shared their opinions was actually right in their own view but for the purpose of this contest, the first person that provided the closest expression of what the picture depicted with his/her mobile number on the blog won.

Our Winner for the “Picture That Speaks! Guess Right And Win” contest is :

1. A married man physically abused by a rich wife who seals his mouth with money, thereby not making him speak out. 2. A married woman abused and afterwards showered with gifts by her husband. 3. A minor abused using sweets as an enticer by adult. 4. A boy abuse by a religious head e.g father. 07036178996

The message is “Speak Out” whenever you are abused or you know someone who was abused. Lagos state through Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT) has provided a platform to report any sexual abuse, child abuse, and domestic violence.

To report any abuse or domestic violence Simply send ‘help‘ to 6820 or Dial *6820# or call 112


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