Why Buhari Is Always Slow To Social Media Fume – Presidency

President Buhari Stops Ministers From Foreign Trips

Femi Adesina who is president‘s Mohammad media aide has set straight claims that the president and his administration are intolerant to criticisms and why he ‘is slow to react to Nigerians raging on social media.

He made this known in a recent interview with The Cable, an online news platform.

Speaking, Adesina said while some may be of the opinion that Buhari abhors criticisms, others think he is over tolerant and needs to return to the General Buhari of 1984.

He said, “Yes. A lot of people say, ‘’we want General Muhammadu Buhari. We do not want this President Muhammadu Buhari. We want the General Muhammadu Buhari we knew in 1984 and 1985.” A lot of people say that, so that shows you the president is quite tolerant now.”


On why Buhari is slow to social media outrage, Adesina said: You think social media represents the country? That is the mistake you make. That is the mistake of the vocal minority, because they are making noise. You think that is the country? Let me tell you one scientific study we did before the last election showed us that social media was going to be responsible for just between nine and 11 per cent of the votes. Just between nine and 11 percent.


People following social media would think the election was already lost.  But we knew from that scientific study that it was going to be just between nine and 11 per cent. And that nine and 11 per cent would not be for the opposition. Even the government had its percentage in it. So when you hear that noise on social media do not think the entire country is falling.



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