The Biggest Question In An Interview And How To Answer It

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There is one question in every job interview that is universally dreaded by candidates: ‘What is your greatest weakness?’While nobody wants to reveal something that might spoil their chances of securing a position, honesty is the right approach according to former jobseekers who took to Reddit to share their tips on how best to respond.

One user recommended being truthful but advised making just a fraction of your answer about the weakness – and the rest about what you’re doing to address it.

Another suggested highlighting the unexpected upsides to a weak point – such as stubbornness meaning you will stay focused on a project until the job is done.  Most interview candidates dread being asked what their greatest weakness is, but according to Reddit commenters honesty is the best policy

One poster even described how being under-qualified could be spun into a positive.

He told how he once admitted in an interview to not having enough experience for the job, but explained that he was so keen to learn and develop that he would become a great employee in record time.

He added that the honesty worked so well for him that he was offered the job five minutes later – and went on to live up to his promise.

Another commenter said that they often admit to being introverted and then list the positives the personality type comes with, such as being focused and a good listener.

One man managed to land a job within five minutes by being totally honest about not having enough experience and explained that the key is turning your weakness into positive.  People revealed that it’s no bad thing to admit to qualities that might initially sound negative, such as being introverted, stubborn or lacking in confidence  Former jobseekers said it’s fine to admit things like being bad at public speaking or not confident on the telephone if they’re not relevant to the job you’re applying for  But one warned that employers will be frustrated if your weakness has no relevance to the job you’re applying for.