Sex Robot Creator Says ‘5-minute orgasms With His Dolls Has ‘Improved His Marriage’

Sex Robot Creator Says ‘5-minute orgasms With His Dolls Has ‘Improved His Marriage’

The creator of an artificial intelligence sex doll has claimed that having regular orgasms with his creation has flavored his marriage.

Dr. Sergi Santos is one of the developers behind the hyper-real sex robot dubbed ‘Samantha’.  He shares his Barcelona home with wife Maritsa Kissamitaki and a family of silicone sex dolls with wigs and artificial brains.

The silicone sex dolls have the ability to respond to being touched in different parts of their bodies. They have romantic, family and sexy modes. Santos said this about his dolls:

“You can touch in the hips, in the arms… ‘Samantha’ likes to be kissed.

“She also responds to the G spot and the breasts.

“She can also respond to the hands. The hands are romantic.

“The spots she feels sexy are the mouth and the G spot.”

The 39-year-old says having regular sex with his cyborgs is not detrimental to his marriage – in fact, he claims, it has “improved” their relationship.

Santos told the Daily

“I’m really having sex with [my wife] now. I’m not rushing anymore and I don’t last five minutes.

“I enjoy sex with my wife a lot more because I don’t have to rush.”



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