President Trump Arrives In Britain For State Visit

President Trump Arrives In Britain For State Visit

Donald Trump has landed in London for his long-awaited state visit and his first act on British soil was to launch a Twitter assault on Sadiq Khan calling the London Mayor ‘dumb’, ‘nasty’ and ‘a stone cold loser’.  

The President eviscerated Mr Khan on social media as Air Force One landed at Stansted Airport this morning saying he has ‘done a terrible job as Mayor of London’ and ‘should focus on crime in London, not me’. 

Mr Trump had already weighed in on Brexit, the Tory leadership battle and his security concerns over Huawei as he took off from America and used his arrival in the UK to vent his fury over Mr Khan’s description of him as a ’21st century fascist’.

He ridiculed 5ft 6ins Mr Khan for being ‘short’ and compared him to 6ft 5ins New York counterpart Bill de Blasio saying: ‘Khan reminds me very much of our very dumb and incompetent Mayor of NYC, de Blasio – who has also done a terrible job’.



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