Neck and Back Pain Might Also Be A Sign That Your Bra May Be The Wrong Size

Neck and Back Pain Might Also Be A Sign That Your Bra May Be The Wrong Size

An Australian underwear expert dubbed ‘the bra whisperer’ has revealed the four signs women need to look out for to determine if their bra is the wrong size for their bust. 

Paula Svoboda, a fitting expert for Triumph, told Yahoo7Be there were specific signs women needed to be aware of.

‘I find a lot of ladies come in and they want to wear a non-wire bra because the wire’s digging in,’ Paula, who has fitted over 50,000 women with the right sized bra during a 15-year-career, told the publication. 

‘The wire’s digging in because you’re wearing the wrong size’.

According to the Triumph website, almost 80 percent of women wear an ill-fitting bra.

It’s something that, in an online video, Paula said is because of ‘body image’.

‘It’s embarrassing to come in (and get fitted) and it’s also a habit to buy the same size all the time,’ she said. 

Another way to check if the size you are wearing is right for you is to check if your bra is riding up your back, Paula told Yahoo7Be. 

‘Riding up the back means you wear your bra too big.’

‘When you get home from work today, try turning around before you take off your bra to see where the band is sitting on your back,’ she added. 

Neck and back pain might also be a telltale sign that your bra may be the wrong size.

‘A lot of women get back and neck pain because they’re not wearing the right size because the weight of a breast is very heavy and women don’t actually realize that,’ the expert said.

And finally, she advised it’s wise to check if your straps are slipping off.

‘Shoulder straps coming off means you’re wearing it too big in the diaphragm,’ Paula said.

But the key to a successfully-fitting bra is easier than you might think.

Speaking to Fashion Weekly previously, the underwear expert said a professional fitting is not as scary as many women think. 

‘I have been fitting bras for over 10 years and can tell a women’s size, shape and the most appropriate bra style to suit their shape, just by a simple glance,’ Paula told the site.

‘I have seen many women’s confidence transformed by a simple bra fitting, some have even been reduced to tears of joy. 

‘So don’t be shy! When coming for a fitting, be sure to wear your best non-padded bra and then let us work our magic.’


Talking to Fashion Weekly, Paula said if you are wearing your bra a few times a week; expect to replace it after around six months.

‘If it’s a bra that only gets an airing a few times a year, count on having to replace it every year,’ she said.