Kim Kardashian Calls For US To Ban Guns After New Zealand Attack

Who Is Kim Kardashian?

The American super star Kim Kardashian is calling on United States of America government to ban guns after the horrifying events in New Zealand.

Attacks on two mosques in Christchurch claimed the lives of 49 people and left at least another 48 injured.

A man named Brenton Tarrant has been charged and appeared in court.

Kim Kardashian Calls For US To Ban Guns After New Zealand Attack

In response, New Zealand attorney general David Parker MP announced the government will ban semi-automatic guns.

Responding to the news, reality queen Kim said the same thing should happen in the US, where countless lives have been lost to gun violence.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star shared the news and said: “Just 24 hours after the Christchurch shooting New Zealand bans semiautomatic guns! America take note! Why can’t our elected officials put public safety over gun manufacturers’ profits?!?!”

Her sister Khloe felt the same way.

She said: “Yes sister! Yes!!!!!! Let’s end this senseless violence”

Khloe also shared the tweet announcing the ban, adding: “Now this is how you lead and protect”

This isn’t the first time Kim has spoken out about gun control – she’s long been an advocate for it.



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