High Profile Radio Host and a US mother of two battling breast cancer claimed she was humiliated by Los Angeles Airport staffs

Denise Albert


Denise Albert, a high profile radio host, battling breast cancer claimed she was violated by Los Angeles airport staffs when traveling for work.

Ms. Albert who is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer and says the incident with airport security left her devastated.

Ms. Albert said she had informed the staff about both her medical port and the prescription cream she was carrying with her. The security “aggressively attempted to do a body cavity search in public”,according to her blog post.

According to her, she was asked to take off her shoes despite her explanation that she has an infection on her foot resulting from her chemotherapy and continuing immunotherapy medications and that putting her bare feet on the floor could risk further infection.

TSA website indicated that those with a TSA pre-check and those with medical conditions do not have to remove their shoes, however, Ms. Albert claimed, the security agents maintained she do so.

The video captured shows a security guard at LAX Airport touching Denise Albert. Source: Twitter.

She was then told she would be subjected to a head-to-toe pat-down with “pressure,” “ripped” her wig off for the TSA agents, because she didn’t want it to be damaged, despite never having appeared in public without her wig since losing her hair to cancer treatment as a result of her chemotherapy.


Denise Albert

She claimed she waited in cold and barefooted for 20 minutes while TSA agents decided how to proceed in screening her with her medical cream before an agent put her hands down the back of her jeans and down her shirt.

Ms. Albert, on her blog, wrote: “The 2 TSA agents in my video went too far. I hope no one ever experiences this. I should also point out that according to the TSA website, what these agents did was improper procedure — they are not allowed to touch skin and should be gentle over clothing (contradiction to what you hear on video).”

She told the People magazine that as upsetting as her experience was, since sharing it, she’s “heard from thousands of people from around the country that have had circumstances — whether it be of their own medical condition or a medical condition of a child — and so many people have experienced this, so obviously it’s not just me.”