He didn’t marry me for Green Card- Fran,Yomi Fabiyi’s Estranged-Wife.




The actor had announced via his social media page that he was divorcing Fran                                                               whom he had been with for four years.

He stated that they had agreed to live together as husband and wife in Nigeria but later things changed which led to the crack in their marriage.

However, contrary to the opinion of some people that he married fran so as to legalise his stay in the United Kingdom,the estranged wife has come out to say it’s not true.

In addition, when Saturday Beats placed a call across to Fran in England, she sounded unhappy about the divorce but seemed to have resigned to fate.

She told Saturday Beats that she was very sure her husband did not marry her because of a green card.

When asked if she was still in love with her husband, she replied in the affirmative saying “I am still in love with my husband but we cannot keep living this way. I wish there was another way we could go about it but there is none. It is true that I agreed to relocate to Nigeria after marriage but plans changed and I cannot relocate from England. I understand that my husband cannot also move to England but we cannot keep living like this for the rest of our lives. I am very sure that he married me because he loved me and not for any green card. If he wanted a green card, he could have married a British-Nigerian or any other race,” she added.