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Future sex toys could be made, order and designed to look like real-life people


Sex robots could soon be designed on order and created to perfectly replicate jilted exes’ real-life former partners, it is claimed.

Using customized eye color, voice and personality traits, the machines could mimic any person whose attributes are given to their maker.

It has sparked fears exes who remain attached to their exes could create robots exactly like their former partners and nothing could be done to prevent it.

David Levy, the author of Love and Sex with Robots, said: “Once the technology and the whole system of ordering and manufacturing, these products become sophisticated you won’t be able to stop your ex-boyfriend if he wants to order a robot that looks like you, same size as you, with the same voice as you.

A doll built to look like Scarlett Johansson is already on the market

He claimed manufacturers will use the photographs to build an exact copy of the person being recreated, but ordinary people will not have the same image rights as celebrities possess.

Experts have also warned that teenagers could end up losing their virginity by having sex with a robot.

Source; The sun