Facebook May Possibly Forced To Turn Off The ‘Like’ Button In UK

See Facebook's New Feature That Could Embarrass 'Stalkers'

The Britain could force down Like button on Facebook, Instagram and  Twitter  to protect children’s privacy in United kingdom.


The measure has been proposed by the UK’s data watchdog, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which has published a new draft code of practice for online services.

  The code sets out the standards expected of companies that design, develop or provide online services likely to be accessed by children, and which process their data.

Among other things, it states that so-called “nudge techniques” should not be used to encourage children to carry on using the service longer than they had intended.

These could include “Likes” or Snapchat “Streaks”, which encourage users to stay actively engaged with an online service, allowing the service to collect more personal data.


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