Dog eats new born baby abandoned in a village in Bauchi state

A dog was found by passersby, eating a new born baby that had been abandoned alive by its mother at a refuse dump at the Federal Polytechnic Student Village, Gwallameji, Bauchi State yesterday. An eyewitness, who gave an account of the incident said:

“I was coming back from church when I saw many people behind a house away from ours. I became curious and went to see what was happening there.“What I saw there was disgusting and annoying. It was someone, who dumped a newborn baby at a refuse dump and a dog was found eating it (the baby).

“From the look of things and from what I heard people say, the baby was abandoned alive but was killed by the dog.

“How can someone do this to an innocent child? How can a human life be treated with such levity? It’s so bad and inhumane.”

He said some of the people at the scene dug a shallow grave and buried the remains of the baby just beside the refuse site, but he didn’t say what happened to the dog.

The traditional Chief of Gwallameji, Hassan Ibrahim, was contacted by Vanguard and he confirmed the incident.
He said:

Horrible incidents like this case are reportedly becoming a norm. Less than 4 months ago, a dead body of a newborn baby was found dumped in a polythene bag at a refuse dump in the same area.

This is sad.

Source: Vanguard