Cardi B Strips Down To Thank God For A Successful 2017

Cardi B has revealed that 2017 was indeed a massive year for her. She broke into the 2018 Grammy nominations list for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance with her hit song ‘Bodak Yellow’.

To kick start the New Year, the female rapper stripped to her bra, while tying a headscarf to thank God and her fans for the successful career so far.

Sharing a video on her Instagram page, she wrote: ‘What a great way to start my Year.Thank you, Lord.Only you and I know how much I pray to you.These last few weeks have been too much for me but my Lord always finds a way to uplift me.Thank you to my fans ,DJS , Team for the support.Thanks to all the artist who featured me In these songs and thanks guys for showing my second single BARTIER CARDI some love ???????????I love you