As Three Men Held Schoolgirl Captive And Forced Her To Have Sex With 20 People

As Three Men Held Schoolgirl Captive And Forced Her To Have Sex With 20 People

Three men have been undergoing interrogation after a schoolgirl was held captive and forced to have sex with almost twenty people.

Jake Cairns, Brandon Sharples and Jack McInally from Coventry, West Midlands, were due to find out their fate today having been found guilty of facilitating the sexual exploitation of a child at the end of last year.

Their 14-year-old victim was plied with drugs and held captive for five days during which she was advertised on an adult contact site and forced into prostitution.

During their trial in November, 21-year-old Cairns, of Cheveral Avenue, Radford, was also found guilty of arranging child sexual exploitation and taking and distributing indecent images of a child.

All three men were due to sentenced this morning at Birmingham Crown Court but the hearing has been adjourned until Thursday.

The teenage girl went missing from a relative’s home in Coventry in June 2015 and information led West Midlands Police to an address in Somerset Road, Radford, where they found the teenager trying to make her escape.

She was found trying to climb out of a first-floor bathroom window, in only her underwear, in a bid to escape her abusers.

Cairns was arrested along with Sharples, 20, of Wyley Road in Radford, and McInally, 21, of no fixed address.

The police investigation showed that Cairns had taken explicit photos of the teenager and posted them on adult contact site Viva Street. Detectives found an email address linking Cairns to the Viva Street advert.

The girl’s face was not visible but one photo featured a distinctive necklace belonging to the girl which police recovered.

And DNA discovered on a duvet in a room, where she was forced to have sex, was shown to have come from five different sources, including Cairns.




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