Actress, Moyo Lawal Shares Photo Of Herself In Casket: Her Fans Reacts

Actress, Moyo Lawal Shares Photo Of Herself In Casket: Her Fans Reacts

Actress Moyo Lawal shocked her followers after she shared the below photo on her page, and captioned it “Mortuary Selfie”.

Actress, Moyo Lawal Shares Photo Of Herself In Casket: Her Fans Reacts

Some comments on her page reads;

endowned10: @moyolawalofficial you still look gorgeous anyways, I haven’t seen anything you don’t look good in, you’d even look good while taking a shit

emeraldchinwe: This is because you ‘ve understood the concept of this world @moyolawalofficial, we all are a traveler in this world and we must return back home. Before I lost my mother who was so close to me, I used to be scared of an ambulance, the casket, signpost of a mortuary. But after her death I realized that we must pay this debt death, now i get close to the ambulance and other items associated with death and funeral.

charitynelson79: I like u so much but this idea of snapping inside coffin……. Hmmmmmm don’t like it dear.

dilivetbesong: Moyo this is not something you should put on public media. I love you very much but things like this is not good.

Meanwhile, Moyo has debunked rumors about having butt implants.

The actress who has been off the screen for some months had her fans talking after a new picture of her ‘backside’ went viral on the social media.

Lawal on her Instagram page, @moyolawalofficial, shared a video of herself during a workout session in denial of fans speculations concerning her butt.

Along with the video, she said: “No!!! I haven’t done any surgery whatsoever or booty implants or taken booty pills or booty cream.

“ It was my mama who gave me.

“However, I used to do a lot of squats and yes am back on my workout grind after taking a seven months break.

“Anyways, the static squat is one of my favorite exercises.Actress Moyo1

“Yes, you can try it ….


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