4 Years After Trumpism Biden To Deal With U.S. Hangover!

4 Years After Trumpism Biden To Deal With U.S. Hangover

While Joe Biden’s Presidency gives people a chance to rebuild, it also faces the bitterness and opposition of

Trump’s ever-loyal supporters says Dr Martin Hirst.

On 20 January 2017, Donald Trump stood on the dais at his inauguration promising to end what his speechwriter

However, on the same spot in Washington DC and surveyed the American wreckage left by the Trump maladministration. Biden called for unity and an end to America’s “. It was a speech more of hope than of certainty.

Downtown Washington looked more like war-ravaged Baghdad than the capital of a major Western nation. The entire city centre had been transformed into a barricaded ” patrolled by more than 20,000 heavily armed national guards